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BlackHawk Titan 210 Package BlackHawk Titan 210 Package Deal

The all-new Titan 210 from BlackHawk is here! The Titan 210 was engineered to provide more thrust and responsiveness than any other mid-sized motor in its class. We’ve combined the most desirable features from two of our best-selling Paramotors (the AirMax & Talon) to produce one of the finest 2-stroke engines in our lineup

Our Price: $8,445.00
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BlackHawk 125 LITE Paramotor Package BlackHawk 125 LITE Paramotor Package Deal

BlackHawk’s original 125 Paramotor has been “the #1 global selling Paramotor in its class” for the better-half of a decade now. Just when we thought this Paramotor couldn’t get any better, technology prevailed and BlackHawk is now proud to announce the creation of the new 2019 125 LITE Paramotor! Not only does this new design weigh 5 lbs less than the original 125, it produces a lot more thrust! “Lighter, stronger, faster, better… Welcome to the new 125 LITE!”

Our Price: $7,995.00
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Electric Start Paramotor Battery Charger Electric Start Paramotor Battery Charger

The Thunder AC6 Smart Charger (with included AC Adapter) is one of the most modern and advanced types of “smart chargers.” If you own a Paramotor or Powered Paraglider with an Electric Start, this charger is a must-have. The AC6 will accept LiIo, LiPo, and LiFe batteries. It also offers additional Lithium programming.

Our Price: $89.00
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BlackHawk Paramotor Beginner Training BlackHawk Paramotor Beginner Training *Deposit*

The BlackHawk Powered Paragliding Training course is the most complete in the industry. After over 10 years experience, and hundreds of students later, we KNOW how to teach each individual in a safe and efficient way. Students follow a very thorough & progressive Training Syllabus to ensure that all important aspects of flight are covered. BlackHawk Paramotor Training Courses last a FULL 7 DAYS and can be broken up into segments to accommodate those who can’t stay an entire week.

Our Price: $500.00
Electric Start Paramotor Battery (FOOT LAUNCH) Electric Start Paramotor Battery (FOOT LAUNCH)

This battery was designed to work perfectly with modern BlackHawk Foot-Launch E-start Paramotors. If you have an older model BlackHawk, please contact us to ensure product compatibility prior to ordering. These rechargeable 1550mAh high-quality LiPo Batteries are built to handle the demands of Paramotor Pilots.

Our Price: $55.00
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E-Prop Carbon Fiber Paramotor Propeller E-Prop Carbon Fiber Paramotor Propeller

BlackHawk only sells the highest-quality Paramotor props. Our online store features the most commonly-ordered props. These beautiful carbon fiber E-props fit various BlackHawk Paramotors.

Our Price: $345.00
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BlackHawk LowBoy III Paramotor HYBRID Quad BlackHawk LowBoy III Paramotor HYBRID Quad

A new generation of wheeled Paramotor platforms: The ALL-NEW BlackHawk LowBoy III is a game-changer in the Powered Paragliding Industry. BlackHawk has always been the leading innovator in the sport and this platform is no exception. In fact, it’s the very FIRST Paramotor “Hybrid” platform produced by BlackHawk. This means the LowBoy III can be converted from a Quad to a Trike in just seconds!

Our Price: $16,995.00
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BlackHawk Paramotor Prop Covers BlackHawk Paramotor Prop Covers

Will fit most standard-size propellers of any brand. Includes (2) individual covers per set.

These premium-quality prop covers are a great addition to any Paramotor. Made from high-quality, durable materials & stitching. Features the BlackHawk logo on both covers. For standard propellers (not available in this style for 3-blade props). We’re here to help if you have any questions!

Our Price: $39.00
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